Tuesday, July 04, 2006

OB documentation and development baseline

OB is a very powerful tool but it's not well documented yet, so I was thinking the didactic way to show how it can be used and extended by any project (such as tools, business projects, core utilities, etc).

The starting point is to use the existing material:

Then, I think it would be useful to meet with an “OB.chm” (or equivalent) that offers an introduction, explains the design principles to understand how to extend it, shows some scenarios where it can be used and includes the existing material and examples of the typical use cases.

Another good thing would be to have a community site where developers can upload custom strategies or policies, post comments and … well, you know. As far as I know the site’s publication is imminent.

Concerning development, a DSL (see DSL tools here or here) with a Guidance Package (see GAT) could allow an alternative to programmatic configuration and would be an excellent tool to reduce the OB’s learning curve.

As a preliminary prototype, I started a doc with the following topics:

As soon as I have a “cleaner” version, I will try to upload the doc to some site or keep on posting.


Do you have some kind of Object Builder documentation yet ?
As far as I know it should be included in Entlib V3 (but it wasn't done by me). So you should check the next releases in http://www.codeplex.com/entlib
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