Sunday, January 14, 2007

I'm it

Too many months without writing a single line of code in the blog… very bad. Thought this time I am writing because I’ve been tagged by VGA (Victor). So here you have five things that you probably don’t know about me:

  1. I used to be a bass guitar player in a rock/funk/power trio. We did a couple of live concerts but we had a many troubles trying to find a singer. I have a 5 strings bass guitar because I’ve been influenced by my first professor to use the bass as it were a guitar for some things. I am also looking for a 6 strings bass guitar… I like the Ibanez SR506 very much.
  2. I like sports very much. I played football in many clubs when I was a boy. Then, the college, work, etc took me off the field. Nowadays, I sometimes play with my friends.
  3. I have recently achieved my Information System Engineer grade in the UTN, a very well known university in Bs As, Argentina. I am very happy with this. I think I will have more free time to social life, catch up in other technologies apart from the ones I use every day, play the bass guitar, etc.
  4. I started programming in Pascal, then VB5, C, C++, Smalltalk, Prolog, C#, Java. I like OOD/OOP very much. Actually, I am working for Clarius (a really cool company in Bs As) and I am part of the Enterprise Library V3 team doing really cool stuff there as well. Before, when I was working for Certant SA, we did a pseudo struts MVC for Java 1.2 with HT and HG that is working very well so far. This was my first framework/dev tool/… I will always be very happy with that work.
  5. I met my super really cool girlfriend in my previous job. She is an engineer and works as a dev as well in a software company called Lagash Systems.

So this is it, I want to tag: Sole, HT and Gustavo Brey


Great Adre! It's allways good to get news from you.
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