Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Windows Workflow Foundation @ MS Argentina

Sole will be taking part of the "Introduction to Windows Workflow Foundation" conference jointly with Diego Gonzalez and Jorge Fioranelli. You can check the detailed event information in Sole's blog. Here is the event summary:

When? April 12 from 9 to 13
Where? Bouchard 710, 4 piso,  Buenos Aires, Argentina
How to sign up? Follow this link
What is it about?

“Between the new technologies included in the recently released .Net Framework 3.0, we found Windows Workflow Foundation, which consists on the most innovating tool set included in this new framework’s version. The possibility of extracting the workflow concept from the applications as a reusable and extensible element is an extremely innovating aspect in terms of application design. Tools are also included that let you visually edit workflows, enabling analysts and users without programming knowledge to extend applications with a minimum impact in the whole application.

The conference will consist on an introduction to the technology, showing its main characteristics, a demonstration of its more relevant advanced aspects, and will end with two examples of real projects where Windows Workflow Foundation has been used in combination with other technologies to solve common issues.”

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